The Ecomill platform has been activated by the Crowdfunding project which provides for the collection of funds for the construction of the first charging infrastructure for electric boats called E-dock and designed primarily for the Lagoon.

This is a project that involves the construction of the first electrified bricola that will guarantee the power supply of pleasure boats, work boats or for transporting passengers.

The initial goal of the project, the collection of 100,000 euros, has been achieved and largely exceeded, the initiative embraced by many aims to reduce emissions due to nautical traffic, water and noise pollution. Venice supports a new nautical management policy that includes electric boats also privately owned, on the occasion of the next Boat Show, in fact, there will be the first e-regatta, reserved for electric propulsion vehicles.

Marive is also committed to the eco-sustainable development of the city by using a vehicle with reduced environmental impact for its route.