Marive Transport

Marive Transport is a company that combines innovation with experience and knowledge of the area.

The company policy is based on true love for Venice and its lagoon, respect for the environment and all types of visitors to the city, with particular attention to young people and children.

Ferry Service


Company vehicle storage

self storage

Self storage

Private Gran Turismo services


Private Taxi

Carica auto

Electric car charging

Our services


Pink Line Mestre / Venice:
San Giuliano – Canale delle Sacche – Fondamente Nove line service operates every day of the year with departures every hour.
Conceived in 1970, it is still the only water connection service between Mestre and Venice, used not only by tourists, but also by residents
and employees of public and private offices.

Partnership with Ca’Foscari:
In particular with the Department of Economics.
The goal is to facilitate, thanks to our parking service + navigation line, all users who need to reach the campus.

SNV Line:
Direct line ds San Giuliano – North Arsenal Basins: reserved for ticket holders to the Boat Show. Runs every 90 minutes from 9:00 to 20:00.
Car Parking: offering all our customers the opportunity to park in a safe, convenient place adjacent to our scheduled services.


Private taxis:
Exclusivity and comfort for all customer needs, our boats are real floating lounges, the service is active 24 hours a day.

Gran Turismo Services:
Services to accommodate large groups of tourists, staff transport companies or agencies; ideal for outings or private events (e.g. weddings, conventions and sporting events).

Car park with surveillance and video surveillance:
We offer our customers the opportunity to park their car in a safe and comfortable place.

Charging station for electric cars: we give all our customers in possession of an electric car the opportunity to use the charging service located within our parking area.


Office open 365 days a year where they are present: office info / payment point where you can request information and buy Marive, Alilaguna and ACTV tickets. Relaxation area, toilets and private piers.

Self storage for companies:
Service that gives companies the opportunity to use a monitored and video-monitored internal storage space.

Company vehicle deposit:
We offer companies the opportunity to deposit their company vehicles, such as: tourist buses, mini buses, cars, vans and trucks within our monitored and video-monitored parking area.

Car park with surveillance and video surveillance:
We offer our customers the possibility of public and private services, the possibility of parking their car in a safe and comfortable place.

Partnership with the accommodation facilities in the area:
We collaborate daily with all accommodation facilities (hotels) on the mainland (Mestre and surroundings) and in the historic center (Venice), offering a unique package to all customers.