Is the LINEA service active 365 a year? Do the times stay the same every day?

The service operates 365 days a year and the updated timetable can be downloaded here.

How can I book the parking and how much does the PARK + LINE service cost?

The All Inclusive service must be booked online, the link to make the booking is as follows: https://marive.it/all-inclusive-parking-ferry/

ALL INCLUSIVE (PARK + LINE) always depends on the number of people present:

PARK €7 per day
LINE (round trip): adults €10, reduced ticket (7-19 years) €8.5; children under 6 free of charge.

Can I book the All Inclusive service or parking space if I do not have a PLATE NUMBER?

If you don’t have a licence plate number, that’s no problem: make a reservation and in the field where you have to enter the licence plate enter ‘UNKNOWN’. Remember that access without a licence plate is possible from 08:30 to 18:30.

How long is the journey with the LINEA boat? What are the stops in Venice?

From the parking lot we provide a water transport service, the Pink Line, the journey time is about 20 minutes.

The stops of the Pink Line are:

  • Fondamenta Nove: a 15-minute walk from Piazza San Marco
  • Canale delle Sacche: upon request only and exclusively of users of the Ca ‘Foscari University

Where is the Marive boarding point to return to the parking?

The boarding point in the city of Venice is located at Fondamenta Nove. You can see the location at the following link.

Can I request a stop at Canale delle Sacche (Tre Archi)/University?

No, the stop at Canale delle Sacche is dedicated solely and exclusively to users / subscribers of the Ca ‘Foscari University.

Is it mandatory to wear the FFP2 mask to board the ferry?

It is no longer necessary to wear a mask to board the Linea Rosa service from San Giuliano to Fondamenta Nove

Is it possible to bring dogs on board the LINEA boat? And what about the TOUR boat?

Dogs are allowed both on the scheduled boat and on the tour boat, with the OBLIGATION of the muzzle. If they are small dogs, such as cihuahuas, dachshunds and the like, there is no obligation to wear a muzzle.

How far is the PARK Marive from the boarding point of the line? Is the PARK covered and monitored during the night?

The boarding of the line is about 50 meters from the parking, which is uncovered and  monitored 24 / 24h.

How is the PARK price calculated for cars? Daily rate or 24 hours?

The parking price is calculated on a daily rate and not 24 hours.

Is the PARK always open? Can I retrieve my car parked in the park after 7pm?

The car park is open at the entrance from 08:30 to 18:30. It is possible to retrieve your car and exit at any time (24h) by approaching the right barrier on the driver’s side.

Therefore if you want to reach the car park at other times, the car park will have to be reached by other means of transport, but it will always be possible to retrieve your car.

If I have made an ALL INCLUSIVE reservation, and something unexpected prevents me from arriving, am I entitled to a refund? if so how?

If you have booked the ALL INCLUSIVE SERVICE with payment at the cash desk, you will have to reply to the “booking summary” email sent by  traghetto@marive.it communicating that you will not use the service. If you have made the payment online, you can request a refund within the day before by replying to the “booking summary” email sent by  traghetto@marive.it

Is it possible to buy travel tickets, season tickets or ACTV renewals at your office?

At our office it is possible to buy travel tickets, season tickets or ACTV renewals.

How can you know the price and book a PRIVATE SERVICE?

For PRIVATE SERVICES it is always necessary to send an email to info@marive.it.

Does the car park have spaces reserved for disabled people?

Yes, the car park has reserved spaces and the scheduled service is also accessible to people with disabilities.

Can I use the car and then store it in the car park during the parking period at Marive Transport at no additional cost?

There is the possibility of taking the car whenever you need it and then storing it at no additional cost. You will also keep the car keys.

Can I charge my electric car?

Yes, we recommend that you ask for availability at: info@marive.it