Did you know that a car park with trees helps reduce pollutant emissions and lowers the temperature at ground level?

In general, tree-lined areas improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide. An adult tree absorbs 0.65 tons of carbon dioxide: three tons are needed to zero the average annual emissions of a car. Placing trees in parking lots has only advantages.

The shading of the ground caused by the presence of trees leads to a strong reduction in the temperature at ground level, especially in the presence of paved surfaces.

Cars parked in the sun can reach outside temperatures even 25-30 ° C higher than vehicles parked in the shade.

Improving the quality of life in our cities represents the challenge of the near future.

It is essential to spread awareness of the value of trees and how their presence can improve our lives.

In a well-designed car park, it is not necessary to carry out major works, just a few precautions are enough to transform a concrete area into a sustainable and pleasant one.

Imagine parking your car at the entrance to a city in a parking lot with poor maintenance, dirty, all concrete and not well marked. Our first judgment comes from the emotions, smells and sensations of that place. The parking lot is always the place where we make the first judgment.

Many times the car parks are seen as short-term, neglected and degraded areas, but let’s not forget that the car park is part of the landscape and this affects the perception of value of the good or service offered and the environment in which they are inserted.

There are many tree-lined car parks from which to take inspiration, such as the Parking du Zénith in France, but our favorite is the parking lot of the Beacon contemporary art museum in New York, the parking was an integral part of the project of the OpenOffice architecture studio in collaboration with the artist Robert Irwin.

The car park acts as a ‘business card’, welcoming visitors to the museum. The designers treated the area as a holistic experience that begins from the moment the visitor enters the museum property!

Our car park is also wooded and constantly evolving, respecting the environment and the surrounding vegetation.



Marive staff