The city of Venice returns to celebrate the annual feast of the Madonna della Salute, the religious festival established by the Venetian Republic in 1630.

The basilica of the Madonna della Salute was born following a solemn promise by the Doge to erect a grandiose votive temple if the city had survived the plague. It ceased and the Basilica was thus built, today an even more heartfelt anniversary for us given the particular epidemiological situation to which we are subject.

The particularity of the event consists in the uninterrupted opening of the Basilica of the Madonna della Salute celebrating masses and rosaries, it is a very heartfelt anniversary by the citizens of the city of Venice. The latter, in fact, go on pilgrimage to give thanks for the gifts received.

The current epidemiological situation calls for a prudent attention to be maintained with some adaptations regarding the way the pilgrimage is carried out, without however renouncing the carrying out of the event.