The San Giuliano Park is located a few steps from our terminal, it is the so-called green lung of Venice – Mestre, inaugurated in May 2004 on a project by the architect Antonio di Mambro.

The peculiarity of the park of San Giuliano is that it overlooks the Venice lagoon, right next to the Ponte della Libertà. It is an area of environmental and landscape recovery, as well as one of the most important places for the study of the lagoon environment. It was born thanks to a European contribution and represents an ambitious project as it is one of the most significant urban reconversion and environmental remediation interventions in Italy.

The park has an area of 74 hectares: it offers green areas, a sports field, one for skating, cycling and walking paths indicated, it can be easily reached both from Mestre, via the Europa bridge, and from our terminal where you can find an entrance. dedicated.