Soon Marive will fully collaborate with the smart control room. Are you aware of its existence? This is the digital brain of the city of Venice aimed at controlling and improving the city’s mobility and safety systems.

Driven by artificial intelligence, the sensors of the Internet of Things and data analysis platforms are responsible for assembling information that is supported and is the important discovery of the collaboration between Venis Spa and the Municipality of Venice.

The real-time Smart Control Room collects data on various aspects of the city, learns from attempts and autonomously improves thanks to the new technologies used to make it work. The “control tower” of Venice was inaugurated in September 2020, which boasts the peculiarity of collecting data from different entities in a single hub. It will be a great project that will rely heavily on the collaboration between public and private and between the various entities present in the area.

The Smart Control Room was born on the Isola Nova del Tronchetto and already allows today to integrate and process data relating to the pedestrian flow, parking, public and private transport on water and road.