Have you ever thought of being accompanied by a boat for a tour of the famous islands of Murano, Burano and Trocello which are located near Venice? Many think that seeing all three islands in one day is impossible but the truth is that it can be done.

The tour of the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello consists of a dedicated transport service with multilingual hostesses on board that gives the opportunity to visit the various islands (in the case of Murano also to enter a glass factory), lasts about 5 hours and gives the possibility to leave from two different points of the city, in the case of those staying in Venice there is the possibility to choose between: Railway Station (under the Calatrava bridge) and Piazza San Marco.

The novelty is that it is a Tour which can also be enjoyed during the day, directly from the San Giuliano terminal. The idea of ​​the Marive staff is to offer a package including a return ticket for the navigation line from the Terminal to the Three Arches and a Tour of the Islands ticket. The tours depart during the morning so the only constraint is to go to the site (at the San Giuliano terminal) before 10.00 in order to take the first navigation to reach the city and then go to the railway station boarding point (below Calatrava bridge).

Once the tour is over, you can decide whether to disembark at the Piazza San Marco stop to continue the tour independently or at the railway station stop. If the trip is made in the day starting from the Terminal, whatever stop you choose for the end of the tour you will have time to independently reach the boarding point of the Three Arches to return to the mainland and collect your car.

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