A few days ago the City Council approved the resolution that will implement the memorandum of understanding between the Municipality of Venice and the Ca ‘Foscari University in support of the VeniSia project, acronym of “Venice Sustainability Innovation Accelerator”.

This is a project that was created to focus attention on innovation and sustainability thanks to the attraction of companies, skilled labor and production activities that will contribute to the protection of the environment and the more effective use of resources.

VeniSia will take care of sustainability, will give new opportunities to young people and will lead to the repopulation of all those tourist accommodation, now vacant, for university students and researchers, which could become the homes of those who will come to live and work in Venice.

We at Marive are also a young staff, attentive to the environment and sustainability, we are happy that the city of Venice embraces this project that will be enriched by young people like us.