The numbers of victims and the forms of VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN are still embarrassing.

31.5% of 16-70 year olds have suffered some form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.

13.6% of women were subjected to physical or sexual violence by partners or former partners.

68.6% of women who had a violent partner in the past have left it precisely because of the violence they suffered.

24.7% of women suffered at least one physical or sexual violence by non-partner men: 13.2% by strangers and 13% by known people.

12.3% of women are subjected to threats and pushed or jerked 12% are subjected to slaps, kicks, punches and bites.

Among women who have suffered sexual violence, the most common are physical harassment, i.e. being touched or hugged or kissed against one's will 15.6%, unwanted intercourse experienced as violence 4.7% rape 3 % and attempted rapes 3.5%

The most serious forms of violence are carried out by partners, relatives or friends.

The rapes were committed in 62.7% of cases by partners, in 3.6% by relatives and in 9.4% by friends.

On the occasion of the initiative established by the UN in 1999 and which is celebrated on November 25 of each year, Venice too has decided to celebrate it by lighting the facades of the Ca 'Loredan and Ca' Farsetti palaces in orange.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to take a tour of Venice, you can admire the two historic buildings overlooking the grand canal.

Marive condemns and will ALWAYS condemn all forms of violence with no ifs and buts !