Like every year, the city of Venice is preparing for the magical feast of the Redeemer. On the night between 16 and 17 July, at the stroke of midnight an incredible fireworks display will be staged that will be the protagonist of the long-awaited evening every year by locals and visitors.

The evening of the Redeemer sees the highlight during the fireworks display but in reality it already begins with the preparations, such as the decoration of the banks of the canals with lanterns and with the installation of the votive bridge that will be opened this evening at 20:00.

The votive bridge is unique and is distinguished from other Venetian bridges for its technical characteristics: it extends for 333.7 meters in length connecting the fondamenta delle Zattere to the basilica of the Redentore on the Giudecca island, for the occasion it makes the passage possible of Canale della Giudecca without the need to embark on a means of transport.

During the day, the Venetians undertake to set up outdoor tables choosing the best place from which to admire the fires, while visitors stroll admiring the splendid views that only Venice is able to offer.

The show of the Redeemer fires begins at midnight, we know it and every year it amazes us leaving us enchanted. And you?

Marive staff