Soon the city of Venice will turn 1600, for the occasion many artists have committed themselves to its celebration, among these we find an initiative that embraces numerous artistic disciplines, conceived by the photographer-writer Riccardo Roiter Rigoni and the musician Massimo Zennaro: “Dreamers for Venice “the new project that will celebrate Venice through art, photography and music.

Venice is a city rich in art and culture, the message that the two artists of Dreamers For Venice want to launch is inherent in the rebirth of the city starting from the search for beauty. The will is to give life to a multidisciplinary show with the aim of paying homage to our splendid city and supporting it in this difficult period.

The first production of Dreamers For Venice was presented online last night, it was entitled “Venice 1600 notes of dreams” in homage to the anniversary that will be celebrated on March 25, 2021.