From 28 January 2023 the Murano Glass Museum hosts Shattering Beauty is the first solo exhibition in the Venice lagoon by Simon Berger, the Swiss artist who creates portraits on glass.

The exhibition, organized at the Glass Museum, in collaboration with Berengo Studio, includes all the artist’s unpublished pieces. The realization of the works is unique and revolutionary, the result of his training in carpentry, involves the creation of the lines of the human face on glass plates through the use of sculptural tools. The peculiarity of the glass plates is that they have a layer of plastic inside them so that the cut and scratched glass remains in place and the work is not destroyed.

For this exceptional opportunity, the artist transforms the spaces of the Glass Museum into a suggestive and engaging experience also fueled by the spectators who contribute to making it come alive thanks to the optical game created with their own reflection in the works.

The exhibition can be visited every day until 7 May. More information can be found on the dedicated web page of the Civic Museums of Venice.