Starting from 10 January 2022, in compliance with the Legislative Decree of 30 December 2021, n. 229 Urgent measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and provisions on health surveillance. (21G00258) (GU General Series n.309 of 30-12-2021), until the end of the state of epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 or in any case until a new and different provision by the Government, in order to use the LINE service ROSA it will be compulsory to possess and exhibit the SUPER GREEN PASS (also called “ENHANCED GREEN PASS”).

The Super Green pass is obtained from:

Successful anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination;
Healed from COVID-19;
To subjects under the age of twelve and to subjects exempt from the vaccination campaign, on the basis of suitable medical certification issued according to the criteria defined in a circular from the Ministry of Health.


We also remind you that you must wear an FFP2 mask to board the Line service.

Thanks for your attention.