The Marive Transport staff would like to inform you that, on the occasion of the 36th edition of the Venice Marathon scheduled for Sunday 23 October 2022, it will be possible to access the car park starting from 14: 30/15: 00.

The Marive car park is located in one of the areas affected by the event during the course of the morning and early afternoon it will not be possible to access it to leave your car and go to Venice or even exit before the same time.

Our offices will remain open from 09:00 to 18:00 and also the parking will follow the regular hours from 08:30 to 18:30 to give all customers the opportunity to park and go to Venice after the advent of the sporting event .

For customers who will have to collect their car, the first useful ride of the Linea Rosa from Fondamente Nove to San Giuliano will be at 2.30pm.

Our Linea Rosa service (San Giuliano – Fondamente Nove) will remain active and regular for anyone who wants to reach our office also from San Giuliano, with a pleasant walk through the Park.