Acosi (Cultural Association for Italian Historic Hospitals), founded three years ago with the aim of connecting historic Italian hospitals, is promoting this year, for the first time on 9 October, the first edition of the National Day of Italian Historic Hospitals.

On 9 October, citizens will be able to go for free to guided tours, itineraries, conferences and concerts organized in 13 hospitals that will open their doors to the public; the structures are all considered of high architectural and historical value and still carry out care and assistance activities.

Among the main Italian cities we find Alessandria, Brescia, Florence, Milan, Rome and of course Venice.

In Venice we find the SS. Giovanni e Paolo, the former San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti Hospital and the complex of Santa Maria del Pianto.

The Civil Hospital of Venice is considered a jewel: entering on the right you can admire a spectacular marble staircase that leads to the Chapter Room with coffered ceiling with gilded finishes of the Renaissance Scuola Grande di San Marco.

The area was reopened to the public in 2013 and houses some medical instruments used in war hospitals in display cases; in another room, temporary exhibitions are set up, among which, recently, the one dedicated to the ceramics of Giacomo Dolcetti in the years of Magical Realism.

With the Linea Rosa service, active every day from 09:00 to 18:00, which connects San Giuliano to Fondamente Nove, you can comfortably reach the Civil Hospital directly from the mainland!