Venice is preparing for one of the most anticipated events in the city: the Festa del Redentore 2021 to be held on Saturday 17 July.

The Redeemer 2021 provides somewhat different provisions compared to the ways in which it took place in previous years, due to the particular situation anti Covid-19 procedures will be applied.

For all visitors who wish to follow the event of the redeemer from the ground, from the shores closest to the Basin (Zattere, Piazzetta San Marco, Riva degli Schiavoni, Giudecca), access will be with compulsory reservation and exhibition of the “green pass”. To facilitate the guests of the event, temporary buffer points will be set up in Giudecca and San Marco, also with the use of a vaporetto moored in the Grand Canal in the Rialto area, and the opening of the buffer point at the Santa railway station will be extended. Lucia, in collaboration with Aulss3 Serenissima, Red Cross, Green Cross and AVM / ACTV.

Marive Transport for the occasion offers a Redentore Line service that will depart from the San Giuliano Terminal at 20:30 and will take customers to Piazza San Marco, the return journey is scheduled from the same point at 01:30. For more information, please consult the section dedicated to the Redentore Line.

From this morning (July 13) the page dedicated to reservations for residents will be available on the websites of and, from Thursday (July 15) they will be able to reserve a place to watch the fires non-residents and tourists subject to availability. We recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible to avoid not being able to go to the event.

The holder of the reservation must be of age. For those who are a resident, a guest in a hotel or those who have booked in a public establishment in the restricted access areas, the transit to their home or destination will be allowed, upon presentation of the identity document for residents, or of the reservation (of the structure accommodation or restaurant) for non-residents.